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Deer Creek Friends Meeting was founded in 1737 and is one of the oldest Quaker Meetinghouses in the country.  Two hundred and seventy-seven years later, it remains a vital part of Darlington, serving members and attenders from Maryland and southern Pennsylvania.


We belong to Baltimore Yearly Meeting, an umbrella organization of Quaker meetings in the area.  Baltimore Yearly Meeting * with other national Quaker organizations, is active throughout the world working to eliminate poverty and bring about peaceful resolution to international and domestic conflict.

It is essential that those desiring to join the Meeting have regularly attended meetings for worship and have attended  several Meetings for Business. They also need to review carefully Faith and Practice and other writings for Friends to gain an understanding of the Quaker mode of worship and transacting business, the meaning of Friend's Testimonies, Queries, and the Responsibilities of Membership.


Quakers have no binding creed - Testimonies spring from:

  • Respect for Truth

  • for Peace

  • for Simplicity

  • for the Equal Worth of People

  • for Community 

  • and for the Care of the Earth

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